Monday, September 1, 2014

Prayer Works

We have been working hard!  We are out the door by 10:00am to contact people on the street, in their cars, or where ever they might be.  I find that most people are very set in their ways and aren't interested in listening.  My focus right now is trying to break that barrier and help them see that there is more available to them.  We had the opportunity to shingle a less active members roof.  It was lots of work, but fun!

We have had some great experiences this week! We make goals every week and do our best to accomplish them. One of our goals for this last week was to have three new investigators. This area is pretty slow when it comes to finding people to teach, but there are people here that are prepared! We practically went the whole week without a single new investigator! Through the direction of the Spirit, lots of prayer, and really desiring to achieve this goal we felt prompted to go see a half member/ non active family.  Their  house is worse then the ones you see on that show hoarders! You can literally taste the filth. Anyways, our focus was to start teaching Frankie, a 13 yr old, who lives there.  We were successful in accomplishing this, but that left two more new investigators to find if we were going to accomplish our goal.  We didn't know how this would occur and it was getting late. Well, on our way back to the car there was a family out front roasting hotdogs on the fire so we approached them and they were extremely interested and we taught them their first lesson!!! Prayer works ladies and gents, but if you don't show the Lord your willingness, the likelihood of success is limited! 

Lots of love to each of you,
Elder Craig

Sorry Mom, still not eating my veggies!

The grill is treating us well! :)

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