Monday, September 8, 2014

Strive to Quench Your Spirit

Waaazzzz up everybody!! This week was the bomb! We ran into some trials, but over all, it was great!!

This is an entry in my journal that I would like to share with you (lots to be learned). We had splits on September 2, 2014. I was with the District Leader. This isn't his area, so it was as if i was the senior companion. Me and Elder Woodburry went to go see a member of the ward. As we got to her house, she was pulling out. We stopped her and and talked a bit.  She ended up inviting us over for dinner (chicken broccoli casserole). She said it would be done in 40 minutes, so we decided to go knocking in the surrounding neighborhood.

We crossed the street and knocked the first door. We got blasted with anti... we knocked the next and got blasted again! This happend six times!!! SIX TIMES!!! On the 6th and last door we knocked, the guy that answered tried to bash.  I simply said, "Sir, I'm not hear to argue our beliefs, but I am here as a representative of Jesus Christ."  It took him a minute to cool down, but we were able to have a short convo. He swears up and down that the Book of Mormon is false, but you know what?! he hasn't even read it all! I walked away asking myself..."How do I know the Book of Mormon is true?"  After asking myself this, I began to formulate my thoughts into this...

Lets suppose you have a friend.  You've been invited to your friends house for dinner, but you've been told ahead of time that you're not going to like the food. As you eat the food, there is a pretty good chance that you will not like it because of what has been created.  YOU HAVE BEEN INFLUENCED!!! The same goes for gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon.

All the people in those houses that we tracked in this particular neighborhood attend a bible college down the road (the neighborhood is owned by the college). The college teaches an anti-mormon class. Just like in Alma 32 when you plant a seed, it grows. It goes both ways though, if you really want to gain a personal witness, you have to NOURISH that seed with things that will help it grow. If you want to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, you must do as  Moroni teaches: "If ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Jesus Christ" you will come to a knowledge of truth every time. And... it's not a one time deal! If you grow that seed into a plant and then stop feeding it, it dies. That's just how it works, so i extend the invitation to constantly "feed" your seed or in gospel terms STRIVE TO QUENCH YOUR SPIRIT. I can testify to you that it's starving! I love you all and Grandma Brady, THANK YOU for the Dear Elder package!!! It made a huge difference!!! 

Elder Craig

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