Monday, June 27, 2016

New Area With Lots of Potential

Well sorry for dropping off the map there for a while!

I'm in a new area. This area is like my first and second areas combined.

It's small.

Like like reeeaaallly small.

We were missing two active members at church yesterday.  There are seven active members total. We had SIX people at church!

Yes, you read that correctly. SIX that's it! One of which was a less active who had not come in a long long time. We went to his house and offered service and that motivated him to come to church.

We do not have an apartment in Miramichi.  The reason being... the Mission President was going to shut this area completely down. When the Branch President found this out he said, "I will have to shut down Miramichi if the elders are not here." This area needs priesthood holders. There is only one active member who hold the priesthood.  He is elderly and his health isn't good. 

Let me explain in more detail how it works here...

The branch meets in Bathurst, but there is an area called Mirimichi (an hour away) which skypes in for church. We bless and pass the sacrament and fill in if Skype doesn't work (which apparently happens all the time). We stay in Bathurst with the elders here and then travel to our area and then back again every day.

Unfortunately the last several sets of missionaries have either...
1) knocked all day long (min. 30 hrs a week)
2) didn't do any missionary work
3) seemed to create problems for the Mission President

This area has way more potential then what has been achieved. My new companion's name is Elder Ashton. We are loving it here!! It's all fresh and untainted!! We are ready to get to work.

l love you guys!
Elder Craig

Our church building

Look who I came across during transfers...My MTC companion.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Day to day efforts

Well Deborah got baptized! I'm so happy about that!!! She is amazing!

This week we got a referral from a member for a Chinese family. We went to their home and we are now teaching them (Frank, Ella, and their son Vin). They are awesome!

We also started teaching a guy named Sean and his mom. 

We biked a lot and it rained a lot this week! Other than what I've already mentioned, not to much happened outside of the normal day to day missionary efforts! 

It's rainy today... And there has been more clouds than sun the last couple weeks! Soaking that up before I get home in the hot hot hot weather:)

Love you all so much! 

Love, Elder Nathan Craig