Monday, November 23, 2015

We Didn't Lose Faith

Wow! These past several weeks have been awesome, especially this last week and a half!! It's so good to hear from each of you!

So this last week the "new missionaries" got in at the beginning of the week, so we did orientation with them and took them out street contacting to show them what that's all about. We had three sisters and an elder from Belgium. We also had a missionary who went home early from his mission about a year ago(he was in the Vancouver mission), but was re-assigned to our mission. It's cool that he's back out! They are all unique. It's cool to see the new missionaries commitment.

Well, anytime there's new missionaries we have TRANSFERS! Those took on a whole new meaning this time. Elder Funa and I get the opportunity to arrange the travel plans for each missionary who are effected by transfers! We have 51 companionships in our mission and this transfer 39 of the 51 were affected by the transfer!! Whoop whoop. It was fun and took a lot of thought, but elder Funa and I got her done! 

We also had to shuffle some beds and stuff, so we got to do a lot of driving. Although not considered traditional missionary work, it's so cool to see the beauty of the maritimes! 

We had a great lesson with a man from China and he's been meeting with the missionaries for the past several months, but he hasn't really progressed much. We were planning on dropping him, but we didn't lose faith. We brought Ryan (one of the members here from China) with us. Ryan almost word for word said what we've said in our past three lesson, but finally the spirit spoke to this man we are teaching from China and he said, (think of a little Chinese accent) "So elders... I think that in order to know if these things are true and if the scripts(he means scriptures) are true I need to pray every day and read them". We pause and were like... Wow!  That's a really good idea! Can we commit you to do that?  He said, "Yes! I will do this."  It's was sweet!! The Spirit spoke to him, he heard it, acted on it, and doesn't realize it yet! And we have been following up with him and he is still going strong!!!

So the past 2 days it's been super warm(44+) and rainy, I like it a lot!! Except we were in a parade (the light parade in Halifax) the other night and it poured the whole time. Cool to say I've done it, but don't think I would do it again..;) Well, The temperature will be rapidly declining pretty quick!  Also, we got a little bit of snow last week!!:) 

Love, Elder Nathan Craig

Monday, November 9, 2015

Crazy Busy Week

I literally have a few minutes to be on, so I want to make sure my favorite people know that I love 'em!

This past week was crazy... I mean crazy! There a couple missionaries that are just losing it! Haha it's kind of funny, but I shouldn't laugh! Like one got in a fight with an old lady... This elder verbally fought an old lady and has been tearing members in his area down!! It ain't good! We are working with a couple other additional situations as well.

We are also preparing for zone conference and doing a lot of traveling! I mentioned last week that I was going back to Woodstock... I made it there and it was awesome! Just to break it down:

First, I went from Halifax Nova Scotia to Fredericton New Brunswick ( get a map;) Second, I went from Fredericton to Woodstock. Third, I went from Woodstock to Caribou ME. Fourth, I went back to Woodstock worked with a few people from the past, then booked it to Fredericton where I met back up with my companion( I was with one of the Zoneleaders) then by this time it was about 8:00 at night then we drove from Fredericton to Prince Edward Island (which is magnificent by far best place I've been). We got there late! Then we did some work with the senior couples, then we drove back to Halifax... It was long! Then when we got back to Halifax we had lesson after lesson(it was awesome!!) then we had the crazy missionaries do their craziness while the mission president and his wife were traveling.... And this next week is going to be a tad bit similar! I love it keeps me on my toes!!

Those photos are all from Prince Edward Island! If you don't mind sharing them with g-ma and pops that would be awesome!!!

Love, Elder Nathan Craig