Monday, August 25, 2014

Life in New Brunswick

Hey everybody!!! Before I give you all the rundown of my first full week I want to thank Kelli for the cinnamon rolls, the family for the case of water, oreos, cookies, chips,... the list goes on and on. Chrisy for the package! You da bomb!! And everyone who has sent me letters, I love hearing from u all!!!

We'll, let’s see… Time flies!!! Woodstock, New Brunswick is amazing! The weather here changes frequently. It's sooooo green here and it's a very little town. Missionary work is exhausting, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Church is interesting.... People wear flip-flops and they just start talking in sacrament (it's being worked on). The people are different; it's quite the Bible belt! They still don't know their own beliefs though! It’s funny cause most people think we are trying to preach to them, so they are usually surprised when we tell them that's not what we do! Most of the work comes through our own efforts rather then the members. If you wanna help missionaries REFER EVERYONE YOU MEET to them, even if you think they won't hear the gospel, you just might be surprised. Well, that’s all that comes to mind. I'm having a blast, I'm tired, and love this gospel!

~Elder Craig

P-day emails.

Video of my Apartment in Woodstock:

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