Monday, September 15, 2014

Sketchy Situation

This week was fun and went by so fast!!! We did a lot of knocking and also had opportunities to serve.  Some of the service we did included choping and stacking wood for people. One guy that we
did this for almost killed himself, LITERALLY!

Let me give you a brief history on this guy.  He had a stroke about 11 years ago.  The whole right side of his body doesn't function like normal.  His right arm doesn't lift more than a few inches from his gut and he has very little balance. Despite his challenges I find it impressive that this guy can still operate a chain saw! On the other hand, I suppose I would also consider someone standing on top of a car while the car is traveling 85 mph impressive, but hey, there are just some things that no matter how impressive it might be, JUST SHOULDN'T BE DONE!  This would be one of those!!!

Also, I should note that this guy didn't find it necessary to give us much of a warning before cutting down a BIG tree, so needless to say, we dodged a couple (ha, ha). Ok, back to the moment where this guy almost killed himself! While operating his chainsaw this guy took a fall. Luckily the ground was soft because the blade just sunk into the ground (full throttle) with him laying on it. YIKES!!! You should have seen my companions face! Priceless!!!

Well, I suppose that's all I have for sketchy situations this week!  The work is PROGRESSING and our branch over here is GROWING!

Elder Craig


The rain is falling!

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