Monday, August 18, 2014

1st week in Canada

Hey Everybody!

It's been an eventful week here in Canada!  Well, lets see, we got into Halifax at around 1am, then had to get our visas.  We got to bed around 3:45am and got up at 6:30.  I went street contacting with one of the assistants.  I approached a guy in the park and began talking to him.  He threatened to shoot me (ha, ha), so I stepped in a little closer and said, "That's fine, but what are your religious views?" At this point the assistant stepped in. The guy got in his face and wanted to fight.  Fun Stuff!

My new area is Woodstock.  We had a baptism Saturday, it was awesome!  My companion is Elder Price...there are no words, he is the MAN! We get along great and will be life time friends for sure.   We do a lot of tracking.  The church isn't super strong in this area (about 65 active members).  Lot's of less active people, so this will be our focus.  My Mission President is amaaaazing!

My mailing address:
170 Connell St. Apt. 4
P.O. Box 6669
Brunswick E7M 1K8

-Elder Craig

 The view

 Our apartment

 My companion. He is the best of the best!

Excited about our new grill!

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  1. Nothing like a shoot out threat your first week. That's one for the history books lol. Glad all is well! Love ya!!