Tuesday, August 5, 2014

MTC Life

The MTC is amazing!!! I am working as hard as I can, having a blast, and learning a ton!  I can’t even begin to explain the spirit that is felt when you commit yourself to this work! Today is p-day but I’ll explain what a normal day looks like:

-Wake up at 5:45. Shower and study a little bit.
-Head to class (district meeting). I’m the District Leader, so I get to run those.  It’s pretty neat!
-Breakfast (30 min).
-Class (4.5 hours).
-Lunch (30 min).
-Class (4.5 hours).
-Prep / gym time
-Teach investigators. Yes, I have already taught lessons! Crazy fast pace here, but it’s fun. I’m teaching a guy who was an atheist, but we’ve had the opportunity to help him see God’s hand in his life. It’s been AWESOME! He’s a cool guy.  I get to meet with him tomorrow and I can’t wait! My companion is a cool kid, a little different, but uh…that’s ok. I’m loving this and I can feel the support from family.  Thank you!!!

Elder Craig

It's official! I'm a name tag wearin' missionary.

My companion Elder Taylor (to my left).  Elder King (far left) has become a close friend.

Provo Temple Day

Our investigator (Chad).  He's amazing! 

"The schedule" 

My make shift shelf(suitcase) for my alarm clock and journal. 

Video of my Living Quarters and Roommates:

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