Monday, January 5, 2015

Seeing Tender Mercies.

Hello everybody! I hope all is well.

I have had a pretty good week.   We have seen quite a few tender mercies this week.  One occurred while communicating to a lady via Facebook.  She was having a tough time in her life! After testifying to her how the gospel can pull anyone out of anything (It truly can!  I've seen some pretty wild things occur over the past few months and it's amazing), she declined and said, "Not right now, I need a  lot more help than you can give me!" Well after receiving this news we had to jet over to a lesson. The person we were going to teach happens to be this lady's landlord.  He lives in the downstairs apartment and she lives upstairs.  Well anyway, we teach him and as we are walking out, guess who needs help carrying in loads of groceries?! Our lovely friend who I've been referring to as "the lady". We had a great chat and Alma 32'd her! Now all we have to do is water that seed everyday and we will see opportunity!

That's just one thing that's occurred. There's a few more, but I'll just share one more.  The landlord has a care taker.  It's a long story...basically he can't live by himself, but he owns an apartment complex (#peopleofwoodstock). His caretaker is awesome!  We have taught her most of the lessons and she has accepted them.  Her common law spouse is someone we have been trying to teach. We brought Keith along with us to a lesson we set up and low and behold the caretaker's spouse wants to learn more!  He's pretty into it.  THANKS KEITH! YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!

There is great power in having a member come to lessons!  So, members...If you want to be member missionaries...Here is what you can do: Ask the missionaries if you can go to lessons with them. It's easy!  They do all the work and you bring a well needed spirit to the meeting! :)

Elder Thompson (My new companion) is doing great! We are both working hard and having tons of fun!

Love you all!

ps: Matt, thanks for the message!  It means a lot!

pss: Kelli, thank you so much for your message too!

It's good to hear from you all!!!

Elder Craig

Well, look at what we have here... a new addition to the family!  Looks like I've been replaced by a four-legged, floppy-eared, fur ball of fun.

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