Monday, December 15, 2014

Prayer is Essential.


It's been a good week. Elder Wilson and I went to a Pentecostal church (This is the second time). Saturday we decided to attend a Catholic Church service. It has been an interesting experience.  The Catholic service was very different than the Pentecostal service.  The Catholic service is much quieter.  We approached the Priest (called the father) and began to engage in a conversation. He’s a cool guy. He invited us to a turkey dinner. We expressed our desire to attend, but told him we had an appointment we needed to be at. He suggested that we come after our appointment and said that He would save us a plate to which we agreed.  By the time we got there everyone had pretty much gone. Me, my companion, and John (the Priest) talked for a good 45 minutes. We asked each other various questions and were able to learn more about how the Catholic Church is run. I asked if we could discuss our beliefs and share with him the missionary discussions.  He agreed, so we exchanged contact information and planned a meeting for Sunday evening. It was a cool day! We plan on visiting various churches in the area.  There are 19 churches in Woodstock. The logic for me in visiting these other churches is that in my experience people are not JUST WILLING to listen to a message about Jesus Christ, but when you attend their service and they see you in their congregation they feel more comfortable talking to you.  For example, there was a couple in the congregation that I had knocked on their door a few months prior that I didn’t remember. They came up to me and started talking to me rather than me having to approach them.  People seem to feel more comfortable when you are on their turf. It proves to break down little barriers that people might have. It's AWESOME!

I just found out that I WILL NOT BE TRANSFERRED!  I’m staying in Woodstock!!! My prayers have been answered.  I’m excited because great things are happening here. I feel like things are just starting to roll and I’m happy to be able to stay and build up as much momentum as I can. My companion will be getting transferred.  I will be getting a new companion and once again I will have the opportunity to train a missionary straight out of the MTC. 

Keith has a sister who is interested in learning more about the gospel as well as her daughter. It’s just so cool! Prayers are being answered.  Prayer is essential!  Everything stems from prayer…and faith. I guess everything stems from a lot of stuff, but these are two fundamental principles one must have. I love it! I’m having so much fun!!!

Ok, everyone… hear me on this one…Click this LINK to access a video of one of my most favorite talks. It's called "His Grace Is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. You could also click HERE if you want a copy to read.  Seriously, it’s the best talk I HAVE EVER HEARD! It puts things into major perspective.  Mom, Dad, Wesley, Dawson, Breeley, and Britley, I know you’ll like it!

Let’s see… We got a new mission vehicle.  It’s a truck with less than 500 miles on it. Also, we had our apartment inspected and passed with flying colors.  They were extremely impressed. They wanted to know what cleaning supplies we were in need of and ran to the store to pick those things up for us. They were even nice enough to pick up some food for us and stock our fridge with sandwich stuff! So NICE!

WESLEY and DAWSON I’m pointing to you right now when I say this…"Have a clean apartment when you serve a mission!” It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get it clean, just get it done!  It makes a difference! It’s also a good indication of what kind of missionary you are. When you go to various missionaries’ apartments and their living space is dirty, it really shows as to what kind of missionary they are when you work with them. Start being clean in ALL aspects.  Everything affects everything in the mission.  It’s such a micro world and the variables are so close together.  You can put yourself in a tale spin real quick.

Dad and Mom...You have left a tremendous impact on me.  Your examples have lead me to be who I am today. What a powerful example of two committed people who have worked together to create a successful family.  I have often pondered on the kind of father I want to be (you see some jacked situations out here).  I've really studied the kind of parents you ARE and I'm amazed and forever grateful for the path you have cleared for not only me, but my future wife, and my children. Well I know that is kind of deep and I can keep going, but for now that should suffice. 

I feel so loved and appreciate the packages each of you have sent. THANK YOU!!!

I love you guys!  Talk to you later.
-Elder Craig

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