Monday, April 11, 2016

Coming into this new area...

Coming into this new area we only had one person lined up to work with, so we have had the opportunity to start from square one (my favorite place to start).

First, I'll tell you about (I will use the fictional name Anne to preserve confidentiality) one of our investigators. Anne is in her late thirties and has some mild mental heath issues, but let me tell you, she is a saint. Her family is super anti! Her sister said "If you investigate and join that church, you are dead to me!" 

Super sad, eh? But she said this is what she needs to do and she's going to do it!

It's still weighing heavy on her, so if you wouldn't mind keeping her in your prayers I'd appreciate it. She needs it!! Could you specifically pray that she will have the STRENGTH TO ENDURE to the temple? We are meeting with her tonight!

Second, we have a family lined up for tonight that we will start teaching! Oh man, I'm pumped! They smoke. I hate smoking! I'm going to help them quite! It's one of my favorite things to do with people!

Third, we have another new investigator lined up (for tomorrow). He is a single guy in his late to early thirties!.

There is a ward here. In most of the areas I've served, it's just been a branch. Yesterday church got cancelled due to a snow storm, but if my sources are correct there's about 100 people or so that attend. Also, from what I hear it's very diverse.  This is exciting for me because throughout my mission I've had the opportunity to rub shoulders with a lot of older folks, but here there are tons of young families and even a good handful of youth! 

The mission is introducing something called Gator-Aid (gator=investigator and Aid= aid of members) Elder Hansen and President came up with the name at dinner (it was a funny process!), but it's designed to help missionaries teach the basic principles of missionary work to members and help them invite people to learn more. I made a video for the mission ( I think i told you all about it), but ill send that to you this afternoon! It's funny! 

Well, thats a wrap for me!!

Love you all! 

Staying Committed

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