Monday, October 26, 2015

My favorite thing to do

This week was a good one! It slowed down a bit. We do a lot of street contacting which has to be one of my favorite things to do! We did some service for the blood drive where we street contacted people to sign them up to donate. Me and Elder Funa had a little competition. I got a few more, but it had me realize that a could be a lot more effective when contacting for the church.
We started off pretty slow, but towards the end of the week we taught a good group of lessons and some less actives; It was fun! I love working with the Mission President. It enjoyable to be at the top in a way and see how he and we can work/ the mission!  
Funny story: On our way into the library this morning this guy stops us and says..."Have you read the Book of Mormon?" We said,  "Yes." He starts telling us about how he studies the stuff to try and figure out why the world is messed up. He wasn't making sense, so i say... " It was nice to talk to you (trying to wrap things up)." He looks at me and says... "It was nice talking to you, even though you don't know anything!"  Then walks away.  I laughed ...

Well that was a quick update, but I gotta run!

Elder Nathan Craig

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