Monday, June 8, 2015

Unification Between Members and Missionaries

Let me start off by saying my Mission President was right! Well, kind of anyway. So several months ago I was visiting with President Leavitt (Mission President) and I said something to the effect of... "Well there's no rest for the righteous" and he looked at me and said, "Elder Craig, WRONG!  There ain't no rest for the wicked and the righteous don't need any!haha Wise words from a wise man!

Well, a lot has happened this week and there is no doubt something is keeping us alive and kickin' (you know the church might be true after all... ;)! We made it to bed on time only twice last week! Each day seems to present itself with many new and exciting variables that we get to maneuver through! 

There is a new sister in Amherst who created a way to do weekly planning.  We sit down every Friday and plan for our upcoming week. We make **individual plans** for the people we are working with (this is called the 10 day planner). Basically its a chart with 10 days on it and you mark in how you will be spending your time. Guess what? It's even color coordinated, so you can see if you are balanced in your efforts. 

Well... this little plan gave me and Elder Woodbury an idea! We jumped on google sheets and I explained to my companion an idea as to how we could expand on this idea and what we could make it look like! that's all it took and away my companion went.  I know I've mentioned this in the past, but this guy is a genius on the computer. Needless to say he created a program for us and gave us exactly what we wanted! Let me just take a second and say...IT's SUPER AWESOME! Because it's on Google sheets we can share it with our WARD or BRANCH MISSION LEADER and they/he can see exactly where we stand with our key indicators and much much more! This is what I call unification between the members and the missionaries! It's awesome! 

A few days ago a man went to the church (that was his second time). The first time he showed up to an empty building. The sisters called us and said, "There's a man here who knows that he should get baptized and believes this is God's only true church( I'm telling you it just makes sense;). So, like good little excited missionaries we went over to the church and gave him a tour of the building. We have begun teaching him! His name is Ken and he is great! Have I told you lately just how great missionary work is?  

Love, Elder Nathan Craig

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